Learn why ENDO 2020, the 2nd World Congress of GI Endoscopy, will be the most relevant congress for endoscopic education for researchers from around the world!

ENDO 2020 combines top scientific research, scientific lectures and symposia with leading experts in GI endoscopy, comprehensive and well-structured hands-on training, live demonstrations delivered by the best of the best and an outstanding postgraduate teaching program. For ENDO 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, a stellar faculty of highly acclaimed international experts will showcase the state-of-the-art of digestive endoscopy.

We have put together an overview of all activities at ENDO 2020 to help you navigate your way through the congress.


Overview of activities ENDO 2020


Postgraduate Course

Sessions in the Postgraduate Course cater especially to the needs of the up-and-coming generation. Accordingly, all activities focus on the challenges faced by recent graduates.
The themes are highly relevant for tomorrow´s experts, preparing them to become leaders in the field of endoscopy.

Honorary Lectures

Honorary Lectures will present the highly prestigious named Lectureships of the World Endoscopy Organization zones. Please join A-PSDE (Sadataka Tasaka Honorary Lecture) on March 8, 2019, ESGE (François Moutier Honorary Lecture) on March 9, 2019 and SIED (Rudolf Schindler Honorary Lecture) on March 7, 2019. These are distinguished lectures, delivered by luminaries in the field of GI Endoscopy and gastroenterology. The seminal orations may well have an impact on daily practice, or alternatively, point to new areas of research. These lectures are a highlight of the congress.

Live Demonstrations

Real-life viewing of endoscopic procedures is an important teaching tool. Top international experts demonstrate both basic and cutting-edge techniques. You have the unique opportunity to join live broadcasts on March 7, 8 and 9 from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo/ Brazil and Hyderabad/India with the cooperation of Sociedade Brasileira de Endoscopia Digestiva (SOBED) and the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. The live demonstration sessions at ENDO 2020 showcase the best and most instructive procedures, performed by the world’s greatest experts.
How does it work? Through an audio link with the hospital, the audience can pose questions during procedures and become involved, almost as if they were performing the procedures themselves. These sessions have proven to be amongst the most popular at WEO´s previous congress, ENDO 2017.

Scientific Symposia

During two years, the ENDO 2020 scientific committee, composed of most renowned world experts and under the leadership of Dr Fabian Emura (Colombia), ENDO 2020 Scientific Committee Chair, worked closely together to consider all aspects of endoscopy and then pruned the selection down to create a program with the most innovative and significant themes in endoscopy today.

An ENDO 2020 new feature of the scientific program will be the high-level debates between acknowledged experts on various clinical issues. The Congress Debates will bring even more interactivity to ENOD 2020 sessions. Two speakers from different parts of the world will present their arguments on current trends and future developments, and then give the audience the opportunity for further discussion.

Highlights inside the Scientific Symposia are WEO Rio consensus on Barrett´s Esophagus on March 8 and the Special Lecture from the Pioneer in digestive endoscopy, Shin-ei Kudo (Japan) on March 9.

Society Symposia

ENDO 2020 is proud to welcome partner societies from all around the world and feels very honoured for their support. Each partnering society has the opportunity to present regional challenges and recent developments in these thirteen individual symposia which are developed as a collaboration between the society and the ENDO 2020 scientific committee.

Learning Center

The Learning Center offers different educational formats for both experts and beginners to enhance their skills. Learning center activities span from Advanced Diagnostic Endoscopy Course (ADEC), Program for Endoscopic Teachers (PET), Video Capsule Endoscopy (VCE) Training basic & advanced, Better Endoscopic Service Training (BEST), WEO International School of EUS (WISE), High Quality in Upper GI Endoscopy (High-Q).

Hands-on training

The hands-on training will take place on two consecutive days, Sunday, March 8 and Monday, March 9, 2020. For two days, basic and advanced procedures will be covered and new models, equipment and accessories will be used. Sessions will be available at in the morning and afternoon and will feature international and Latin American experts. Hands-on training sessions focus in basic procedures will address topics like Foreign Body Removal, Hemostasis, Endoscopic Variceal Ligation (EVL) and Enteral Stenting. Advanced sessions will cover topics on practice of advanced procedures like EMR/ESD/POEM, ERCP, radial and linear EUS, pseudocyst drainage EUS, Endoscopic suture, Intragastric balloon.

There will be an additional charge for participating in hands-on training sessions. Please stay tuned for updates about how to register closer to the congress date.

Breakfast with the Experts

Experts cover latest trends and topics in detail early in the morning. In an intimate and interactive setting, they will allow open discussion among participants. Expert meetings will cover topics such as Controversies in Barrett’s Esophagus, Artificial Intelligence and Quality in Endoscopy in 2020: old and new parameters

Best Abstract Awards

All submitted abstracts for ENDO 2020 will go through a blind peer-review process carried out by the ENDO 2020 scientific committee. A small number of highest-scoring abstracts are selected for presentation in an oral presentation session. During this session short abstracts or video abstracts demonstrating examples of new, unexpected, or exceptional cases are shown, with commentary from a panel of experts.


ENDO 2020 is very proud to welcome the 24th Pan American Congress of Digestive Endoscopy with a 3-day program of meetings on March 8, 9 and 10.

The Pan American congress will cover some of the following highlights amongst others where acclaimed experts from Latin America, the United States of America and Europe will share their knowledge:

  • Colonic polyps: old friend, new dilemma
  • SIED - John Hopkins Hospital: The Best of the HITEC 2018 interventions and outcomes
  • SIED - MD Anderson Hospital Symposium
  • Management of Barrett's Esophagus with high-grade dysplasia and early adenocarcinoma
  • Colonoscopy: How to improve diagnostic and management
  • Libertadores Video Cup
  • Young Endoscopist Course


Highlights include the Pan-American Pediatric Symposium, the Video Cup: Copa Libertadores de América and the WEO & SIED CRCS Screening Committees Joint Session.

Panamerican Symposium of Pediatric Digestive Endoscopy SIED-LASPGHAN

ENDO 2020 will also include a two-day course on March 7 and 8 on pediatric endoscopy as an extension of the 24th Pan American Congress of Digestive Endoscopy offering an innovative scientific program for international guests and participants from Latin America, the United States and Europe.
Amongst other, topics will cover Esophageal Pathology, Endoscopic emergencies, Polyposis in children and adolescents, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Contribution of Endoscopy to Nutrition and Functional Disorders and New technologies (Intelligence artificial, laser and more) and hands-on training.
Official language of the congress is English and some lectures will be given or offer simultaneous translation in Spanish and Portuguese.


To see all information about the specific lectures and speakers for all the sessions, please visit the ENDO 2020 Scientific Program at




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